The Orwells: Southern Comfort

If you are looking for a summer track this year then Southern Comfort by The Orwells is the one!

I can’t believe I only discovered this band a couple of weeks ago as I am completely in love with their cheeky and clever lyrics. The Orwells are an indie rock band from Chicago who immediately got snapped up by the record label Autumn Tone in 2011. Their latest album Disgraceland is full of tracks that will defiantly help you to jump up onto that dance floor this summer as I have already found myself dancing to them in my bedroom!

My favourite track is Southern Comfort as the introduction of the fast drumbeats automatically makes me want to dance and the added punkish eletric guitar helps me on my way even more. This track is so infectious as the happy-go-lucky lyrics make me want to play it over and over again. I adore the youthful lyrics that summaries what we are all thinking and doing as teenagers for example, “Drink by drink, I think, I’m thinking why don’t you hang with me this evening?” and “Girls in the back seat, drunk on the beer”. This track tells the story of our entire teenage favourite past times showcased in a song which is why I think us youth will definatly be listening to more of The Orwells. I will be playing this track all through the summer whilst hoping someone will wander on up to me and say someone of these confident lyrics…

It was also great to see The Orwells performing on the Late Show With David Letterman and I cannot wait to see what this band will do next. I hope you guys will be blasting this track throughout your summer garden parties and barbecues!


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