Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence

Lana Del Rey is back with her second album, Ultraviolence, which has felt like a life time in waiting for major fans of the New York singer, including me! I fell completely in love with her first debut album Born To Die which I religiously play every day as I adore her sensuous vocals and retro style. Obviously, I couldn’t wait to hear her follow-up album, which I much-anticipated it to live up to its hit number one debut but sadly it didn’t…

I know it pains me to say but I feel as if Ultraviolence is full of long and depressing tracks that make me want to scream at Lana and demand for the old her back that I oh so loved in Born to die. Listeners defiantly witness a more grown up Lana in this album due to the mature sounds and darker emotional lyrics. This album is missing the sexy, cheeky, powerful feminine figure that I look up to which should have been created but unfortunately didn’t, maybe it was due to the help of The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach? The first song on the album is Cruel World which I feel is way too long especially as it is supposed to attract the listeners straight away and transport them to the mysterious inner workings of Lana Del Reys mind which I immediately felt when I listened to Born To Die.

There is still some hope though as I do really enjoy some of the tracks on the album for example Florida Kilos, Fucked My Way Up To The Top and West Coast as it resembles the racy and I don’t take no shit from no one Lana that I am obsessed with. My favourite song is Florida Kilos as the chorus is extremely catchy with the repetitive lyrics of “yayo” which is seen in her previous album. I adore her sexy vocals especially when she says “come on down to Florida, I got something for ya” which makes this track irresistible not to sway too. Also, as soon as I play Brooklyn Baby I fall for the soft vocals mixed with the way to cool lyrics of her boyfriend being in a band. This track helps to showcase Lana’s atmospheric sounds and her hair-raising worthy vocals when she reaches those tricky top notes. I love the added male vocals which is surprise as this has never been seen before in any of her songs which shows that she is taking a new look on this album.

Even though this album did not live up to my high expectations, I still can listen to the album with the willingness to deeply understand her dysfunctional lyrics about domestic violence which is shown when she says “he hit me and it felt like a kiss”. Is she glorifying domestic violence or trying to make us aware of how it makes the women feel? I do have to say that Lana Del Rey has defiantly flourished in this album which is shown by her powerful and almost desperate vocals which makes the listener believe every word she is saying. I will always look forward to seeing what she will do next and hopefully there will be more surprises in store!

Lana Del Rey will always be my queen but maybe her crown is slipping.


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