Peter Doherty at Oxford O2 Academy

There we all were huddled together in the cramped venue that is Oxford O2 Academy whispering to each other desperately “is he going to turn up” and “bets on that he arrives an hour late” which thankfully he eventually did!

Peter Doherty is roaming around the UK playing a trio of warm up gigs to his eagerly awaited reunion with The Libertines at Hyde Park on the 5th July which annoyingly I can’t go too, yes I am still crying inside. When I first heard the announcement that Peter was playing here at Oxford I was shocked but truly grateful as I was able to see my favourite rock and roll star for the first time. Peter is well known for making his fans wait especially in his young Babyshambles days but as he stumbled on stage an hour late last night downing a pint of beer all was forgiven…
Peter played a variety of tracks from The Libertines, Babyshambles and his solo album which meant that the crowd could soak up all of their favourite tunes and get even more buzzed about Hyde Park. As soon as Peter blasted out the famous track, Can’t Stand Me Now, the whole venue came alive with swinging limbs and cheerful vocals where even Pete said “I didn’t realise it was an open mic night!” Everyone was pleasantly surprised with Peter’s on point vocals even though he was not exactly sober which to be honest I wouldn’t of expected any less. When Peter played my favourite track, Music When The Lights Go Out, I was completely star struck by the realisation that my idol was only a couple metres away from me on stage. His slurred vocals matched perfectly with the loving but sad lyrics that I adore for example, “is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind and to lie to you rather than hurt you”. During the night everyone was swaying to my favourite Babyshambles song, Delivery, I love the infectious guitar and Peter’s fast vocals that made me want to rock out all night.

Don’t Look Back Into The Sun was defiantly a crowd pleaser as in unison we all sang the catchy “oh no’s” and “let me go’s” which created a very broad smile on my face during the whole performance. As the night went on the beautiful sounds of the harmonica surrounded the venue instantly which made us all prick our ears up and gave me shivers down my aching spine. The highlights of the evening were Peter’s hilarious banter with the audience that made the whole night even more memorable. My favourite moment was defiantly when he called a very annoying woman a “fucking slag” and got her kicked out of the venue! I love how Peter can interact with the audience and made us all feel extremely comfortable which in turn made us not want him to leave. I mean who else would be ok with having a banana chucked at them? Which yes did happen that night. Thankfully, he came back on for an encore but sadly didn’t play Last Of The English Roses or Sweet By And By which are two of my personal favourites. Pete was awarded with a mighty round of applause which was well deserved as his vocals was extraordinary and well above fit for Hyde Park.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the gig as Peter exceeded my expectations and made me fall in love with him even more which I didn’t know was possible. Now that I have seen him live it makes more frustrated and jealous that I am unable to see him perform on Saturday but I am so happy that I saw him yesterday.

Peter is officially the comeback kid which all of his fans are extremely grateful for including me and I cannot wait to see what happens in the future.


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