The Libertines: Too much too soon?

After The Libertines spectacular show in Hyde Park last weekend, die-hard fans couldn’t expect anything more but then comes along the shocking announcement of a new album!
Libertines in Hyde Park
Speaking for the first time about the bands plans for new material, Carl Barat explains that, “Next year. It has to be. I dont wanna just go on the road because then you’ll get cabin fever and have an epic fallout. So yeah, I want to keep something fresh coming in. We just need to find the time. But yeah, it always been the plan.” This just shows that maybe The Libertines have turned a corner from rowdy arguments and frequent unpredictable mishaps which is emphasised by Pete and Carls frequent love- ins on and off stage. Pete has stated that he would also like to go one step further and release a new album. “For some reason in my head, I’m thinking October, November time, that’s what will have to happen. Basically, it’ll have to be like Paris, but in Hamburg, and for a bit longer. I’m well up for it.”

It’s all well and dandy this news of a new album but the truth is, is it needed? Are we craving for a new dose of our beloved Libertines? I am not the only one who feels that The Libertines should go out with a bang at their trio of shows at Alexandra Palace which yes I did get a ticket for! My friends and family no longer have to put up with me droning on about how I missed them at Hyde Park but will now have to listen to me go on about how excited I am to finally see them perform! Obviously, they have already proved themselves to the likes of GO article that “The Libertines Reunion Will Be Nothing But A Horrorshow” as Hyde Park was bloody brilliant but will the new album be too much too soon? When Pete published his Glasgow gig review, everyone got the feeling that maybe he can’t cope with the reunion as he was obviously worried about “balsing it up bad” and “making the lads angry.” However, in turn this could just show how much Pete wants this reunion to work and in turn could help to create a stomper of an album.
Pete and Carl3
I believe that they will never be able to recreate anything as astounding as their previous two albums which showcased their unquestionable style and made millions of fans fall in love with their down and dirty lyrics. But who am I to judge when they have Noel Gallagher shouting at the public at Hyde Park informing them that their gigs will be “fucking amazing”. We can’t get too ahead of ourselves though but if this album does actually happen it could either be a must hear moment of brilliance or a bundle of chaotic clatters!


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  1. Interesting post. Pete Doherty recently said that he has given up drugs, “Drugs are no longer fun” he stated, so it could well be the first album Doherty’s recorded without being off his head on smack. A clean and sober Pete Doherty must surely be uncharted territory, who knows what music he might compose? A string quintet perhaps? It’s great that he no longer takes drugs, but nobody knows yet how a clean cut Pete Doherty will influence The Libertines’ music, only time will tell…

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