Kasabian: Eez-eh

I have never really listened to Kasabian before but seeing the huge crowds at Glastonbury chanting the now so familiar words “easy” over and over again, I decided to give the track eez-eh a play!

The first steady beats give this track a distinctive electronic vibe that I actually really enjoy especially when the cavernous drum beats speed up which I instantly have to nod my head along too. These luscious beats explode perfectly around Tom Meighan’s edgy vocals even though he sounds like he is hardly trying at all! I really enjoy the cool but confident lyrics even if they are slightly cheesy but come on who doesn’t like a bit of cheese? The repetition of “turning my milk sour” is slightly odd but after a few plays I don’t even mind as it adds to the fluid structure and helps build up the gradual beats to the catchy chorus. This is defiantly a club track which I’m going to embrace with open arms due to its funky and fast paced riffs. I find myself reaching back to press play again before this beat-driven track is even finished!

I am so glad that I started listening to this boisterous rock and roll group that is Kasabian as their album is packed full of characters and rock oriented sounds. I’m now increasingly tempted to buy tickets for their upcoming tour…


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