Truck Festival

I am defiantly having a series case of the post festival blues due to my amazing, sun kissed and packed full to the brim of superb music at Truck Festival last week! I had been counting down the days to see some of my favourite artists perform during the depressing time of exam period which is thankfully over. The night before was a bit of a worry for us truckers as we all thought the torrential rain and thunder may of captured the main stage before we had even stepped foot on our carnival inspired home for the weekend. Someone must have been looking down on us though as luckily the thunder turned into us having one of the hottest weekends of the year which has caused me to have some interesting and well let’s call them funky tan lines!
Anyway, the most important part of a festival is the music and Truck certainly did not disappoint. First on my checklist was to see Catfish and the Bottlemen who swaggered onto the main stage during Friday afternoon and blasted out some of my favourite tracks including Kathleen and Homesick. It’s obvious that with their daring drum beats, fierce electric guitar riffs and Van McCann’s moody but captivating vocals that this band will be stomping their way on to the music scene with ease accompanied by those matching leather jackets! Next to watch was the indie rock band, Peace, who out of all the bands was the one I was most looking forward to see perform. I guessed I was not the only one who thought this as the field was soon packed full of eager fans about to explode with excitement which quickly turned into a messy pile of waving limbs and the odd head popping out from the dangerous world of mosh pits. As soon as the famous track, Lovesick began everyone in perfect harmony chanted out the catchy lyrics that sums up the perfect summer. I really like that every Peace song just makes me want to dance and as I scanned across the sea of broad smiled people, I’m guessing they all agreed! As the sun began to fade away on Friday evening the alcohol levels seemed to rise which meant that The Cribs were about to step on stage and tantalise us with their raw but catchy tunes. As soon as my favourite song, Man’s Needs began I was comforted by the fact that it sounded so much better live instead of coming out from my battered laptop and I finally got to hear my favourite line, “I’m a mess so you’ve always seemed inviting”. The first day of Truck was awesome and I couldn’t wait to see what the Saturday had in store.

As I clambered out of my tent the following morning, I did feel a little bit delicate but that feeling was soon shaken off with the realisation that I would see some more amazing bands later and oh yeah that bacon butty helped a lot too. First on today’s list was to see the quirky band, Superfood who I can now safely say is one of my new obsessions as their chilled vibes are injected with numerous indie twangs which rocked the main stage during the sunny Saturday afternoon. Bubbles and Melting are my two favourites as I love the catchy drum beats and Dom Ganderton’s almost slurred vocals which are a perfect combination to ease a morning hangover. Next to watch was the best folk band around, Stornoway, who I have been lucky enough to see and meet before so I already had an insight on how fantastic they were going to be. The first beats to the enchanting song that is Zorbing caused an almighty roar followed by us all singing the haunting and atmospheric lyrics in sync which immediately made me forget everything and helped me to focus solely on the music. I Saw You Blink was another personal favourite as the romantic lyrics always creates a smile on my face and the chorus made it impossible for me not to weave my body in time to the melodic harmonies. Also, Stornoway were experts at making the crowd feel at ease by always making jokes and by playing beautiful songs that helped to create a peaceful ambience. Finally, the headliner for the Saturday was White Lies who had the important job to end the festival with a bang and they did not disappoint. This outstanding London trio absolutely rocked the stage with their dark-edged but dance worthy tracks that obviously had me clasped onto their every word during the whole set. There Goes Our Love Again was a first class performance even if the lyrics are pretty gloomy, no one can dare argue that it’s just another boring old love song! They ended with the absolute belter that is Bigger Than Us, I love the sad sinister lyrics that match perfectly with Harry McVeigh deep strong vocals that sums up the ending of a relationship. It’s a sad song but who minds heartbreak when it sounds this good?

I had the best weekend at Truck Festival and I can’t wait to experience it all again next year! I defiantly recommend anyone to come as it’s such an easy going festival especially for a newbie and who knows what awesome bands could be playing next year…


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