The Family Rain: Hunger Sauce (EP)

If you want an insight on a band that are going to be big in 2015 then please sit down, shut up and listen to The Family Rain’s new EP, Hunger Sauce. This four track EP showcases how this rock and roll band of brothers will be stomping their way onto our iPods incredibly soon with their gritty guitar riffs and bluesy beats! The reason why I feel this upcoming band will become extremely popular is that they are the first band since The Fratellis and The Libertines where I have fallen in love with every track on their album which was only released this year! Also, for an added bonus The Family Rain sound just as good live and are amazing at making the audience rock the night away with them whatever the size of the venue. I was so glad that when I listened to Hunger Sauce that they have still kept there iconic rock sound but have also started to experiment with different rhythms and beats which shows that they are able to grow as a band and want to make their mark on the ever-growing music industry.


The beginning beats to You Should Be Glad You’ve Got a Man immediately shows us that The Family Rain are starting to stray away from their safe sounding hits which already sounded really awesome by the way! Will Walters lead vocals are so slick and sharp that they shock the listener straight but are also able to seduce the lyrics perfectly with his sultry voice. I do completely fall for him when he sings my favourite line, “She says she loves me so I can say” as I would fight every day with him if he could create something as cool as this track! Tarantula is another golden tune as who knew that something so feared could make such a catchy chorus? I still don’t know how it is relevant to the song but I don’t really care as once again The Family Rain make me want to dance to the repetitive la’s and oh’s. Other tracks include We Are in Love and Punchbowl that highlight the confidence that this English band have in their cool lyrics and brave rhythms that channel the likes of The White Stripes and Palma Violets.

The Family Rain have already supported many famous artists including Jake Bugg, Miles Kane and The Courteeners which means they are already building up a huge fan base, including me! I have been lucky enough to see them twice and I fell in love with their cool fresh style, for example the way that the band are keen to take risks with their music, live performances and fashion. They have been up and down the country like mad men playing so many gigs that you can tell that they are hungry for more recognition and that their confidence is rapidly rising. They currently ended their UK tour this year so I would definately keep your eyes peeled for this trio as I’m certain they will have very big projects to come.


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