Jamie T: Zombie

Finally after four long years of a feet tapping worthy silence, our favourite cheeky chappy Londoner has returned and I’m delighted to say he’s even better than before…

Jamie T first caught listeners attention back in 2007 when he released his bedroom made D.I.Y debut album, Panic Prevention which was crammed to the brim of clever hip-hop sounding raps mixed with a delicious blend of musical genres that was destined to make a whole new style of its own. 150,000 copies immediately flew off the shelf quicker than you can say “Sheila goes out with her mate Stella”, this rewarded Jamie with a huge fan base which included a thirteen year old me singing `Sheila` around the school hallways! Two years later he followed up with Kings & Queens which includes the famous track, `Sticks And Stones`, this is most definitely a crowd pleaser during his performances! Then silence fell, Jamie left us all wandering what was going to happen next and without any news we thought it was the end of the folk street poet. Until now, when a handwritten note announcing three live shows was posted online which made us all buzzing to hear his new material which fair play to the man, he had a huge reputation to up hold.

jamie t zombie

When I first heard the slow beginnings of his latest track, `Zombie` I thought us fans were going to be hearing a whole new Jamie T all together with his tortured vocals and gloomy lyrics for the introduction. But all that goes out the window when the infectious chorus blares out of my speakers with his new ska-tinged beats and mournful melodies, Jamie T has nothing to fear. It’s obvious that `Zombie` is going to be huge due to the fact that he is thankfully kept his boozy ragged styled lyrics but has added a darker tone which differs from his earlier material. I love the fact that he is decided to join the set of `Dawn of the Dead` in his music video as well which gives the song title even more justice.

`Carry On The Grudge` is without a doubt one of the most exciting albums to be realised in 2014 and I am already counting down the days when I finally see him perform at Alexandra Palace as I know that this gig will be complete chaos! I am secretly hoping he will play some of my old favourites including `Calm Down Dearest` and `Brand New Bass Guitar` as come on the oldies are the best right? Anyway, having one the most unique artists back this year means so much and seriously Jamie we are all truly grateful. 1. 2. 3. All together now, cos I’m a sad sad post teen caught up in the love machineeeeee!!


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