Peace: I’m a Girl

Opening with a bassline that is like a shot of electricity bolting up your spine, Peace delivers their fourth single, I’m a Girl in preparation of their sophomore album next month, which leaves listeners hungry for another slice of fuzzy indie rock.

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics have listeners feeling hot under the collar which can’t be cooled when they have frontman, Harrison breathing, “do you feel like a man?” hot and heavy down the back of their necks. His spiky, raw yet sedated vocals feel deliciously wrong in this finger-numbing worthy weather. Interestingly, gender issues are also explored in this track with Harrison declaring “I don’t feel like a man”, lyrically, this is refreshing alternative as listeners are left to dissect the hidden meanings of the track instead of stamping it as an easily forgettable love song. Instantly, Peace create a playground of crunch and texture with layers of fierce electric guitars that we see characterised in their debut album. Ripping up the rule books once again with their interactive music video, where listeners are able to choose up to four different versions to watch, as one just isn’t enough these days!

Peace junkies like myself don’t have many days left to countdown to hear the new album, Happy People which will be out on 9th February, an upcoming release sitting firming at the top of my wish list. I’m impatiently waiting to hear this sun-drenched summer anthem blasted out across the festival fields later this year (hint hint) Peace, come on give us some festival news yeah?



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