Flo Morrissey: Show Me

Scrolling through Spotify, I stumbled across Flo Morrissey’s debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, my eyes were drawn on the ethereal album cover that matches her enchanting vocals effortlessly. This Londoner has been taken under the wing of Daniel Glass, who has worked with Mumford & Sons and Chvrches, when he discovered her haunting song If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away, alongside a moving yet captivating video of her swimming underwater.

Introducing herself in an immaculate style with Show Me, my highlight from her debut album, a deliciously downbeat ballad that is built on delicately plucked guitar strings and sprinkled with her pixie-like vocals that blow across the track as wispy as cigarette smoke. It is almost unbelievable that Morrissey is only twenty years old as her touching lyrics are so relatable to mature tales of heart-break, even though she reveals they are “A snapshot of my teenage years”. Whoever broke this young lady’s heart needs a serious talking too! From this one track I can already recognise influences such as Joni Mitchell as her soft and breathy vocals cast a tranquillising spell over listeners with a 60’s folk vibe being introduced. The repetition of “Don’t show me I don’t want to know” acts as gradual build up to her hypnotizing vocals feathering out for one last killer line, “I need to let go”.

Offering a fantasy world for listeners to escape to, Morrissey is the one to watch as her melancholy melodies and raw lyrics will be fully flourishing in later material.


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