Lizzo – ‘Coconut Oil’ EP Review

Representing every girl’s inner independent woman, Melissa Jefferson, or better known as Lizzo releases her debut EP, Coconut Oil. Having played in bands such as The Chalice, Grrrl Prty, The Clerb and Absynthe, Coconut Oil shows off Lizzo’s own vocal ability and dynamic ear for funk-fueled beats.

With an introduction reminiscent of ‘Run The World Girls’ by Beyoncé, ‘Phone’ recalls every girl’s nightmare of losing their phone at a nightclub. “Okay, 2:15 and the lights come on, where my phone?”, the songstress chants over a beat so sassy it practically struts it’s way onto the dancefloor. Throughout the track, she switches mood and pace with ease, from the unhurried harmony during, “Ooh, unlock that, all up in my contacts”, back to rapping verses over a hectic beat.

I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen”, Lizzo inspires women to embrace and enjoy their bodies in the self-loving, ‘Scuse Me’. With shimmering electronica and syrupy melodies, ‘Scuse Me’ is an ode to celebrating bigger bodies and not comparing your appearance to others.

While ‘Deep’ transports listeners to the best underground hip-hop club with it’s delicious mix of Caribbean and African RnB beats. ‘Worship’ marries 80’s RnB with 60’s Motown flawlessly with its sassy lyrics of, “If he don’t love you anymore, just walk your fine ass out the door” and perfectly timed background vocals.

Proving that coconut oil is actually the answer to all life’s problems, the self-titled track recalls the tale of believing you need, “To run and find somebody to love” but essentially you only need to love yourself. This gospel-tinged track allows Lizzo’s soulful and laidback vocals to take center stage with an RnB undertone running in the background.

The effect of ‘Coconut Oil’ is brilliantly female and powerful with each song more liberating than the last. Even though ‘Coconut Oil’ comes across as sassy and fierce, Lizzo is tackling sensitive issues from body positivity to heartbreak. Lizzo you slay, slay, slay.




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