Voyages – ‘I’m So Scared Of Losing That I Fail To Even Start’ Single Review

Under the name Voyages, William Walter from The Family Rain has released his debut single, ‘I’m So Scared Of Losing That I Fail To Even Start’.

With the general election proving a testing and unsettling time for Britain, we can take some comfort in the remarkable introduction of Voyages and how Walter is continuing to sound better than ever in his new project. Highlights include the intricate word play of the lines, “Introverting, extroverting” and “Serenading, renegading” that provides texture to the steady drums and placid bassline.

Touches of The Family Rain can be heard from the raw and simple melodies seen in ‘All The Best’ to Walters similar sultry vocals. If there’s a difference from his previous work, then Voyages is taking English rock and turning it into something honest, warm and unhurried. Having worked on his debut for the last eight months, the retro style and direction of Voyages is strong and the tracks delivery feels polished with flair and charm.

The monochrome music video follows characters in a desolate countryside and the bleak atmosphere is enhanced with its dramatic cinematography of burning houses and trees. With a possible political reference to the monk, Thích Quảng Đức who burned himself to death to protest the persecution of Buddhists with a man rolling around on fire sets a serious tone to the song. Despite this sombre setting there is something uplifting about the lyrics, “I’ve only begun. Now I’m flying” and there is fight in Walters words.

With a reference to the Zodiac debate, ‘I’m So Scared Of Losing That I Fail To Even Start’ is a rallying cry to not let others decide your future and to not give up or as Walter says, “Don’t leave it to fate, it’s never too late”.

Watch the music video through the link below:



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